2017-04-21: Great Barrier Death, USS Carl Vinson, Erdogan Powers

USS Carl Vinson

April 21, 2017 – We are in Matsumoto, Japan, to discuss the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, the USS Carl Vinson not being where the USA said it would be, and the referendum to expand the presidential powers for Turkey’s Erdoğan. We also discussed police officers being shot in Seattle, and the city of Federal Way being sues for school-zone speed traps. We are enjoying some Japanese beers, mugi shochu, and some donated sake (we can’t read the bottle!). We have no idea what we’re talking about… we’re here for the booze!

World News:
The Great Barrier Reef’s catastrophic coral bleaching, in one map (Vox)
USS Carl Vinson was said to be heading to Korean peninsula, went in opposite direction (The Hankyoreh)
Post-referendum Turkey: Renewed conflicts, new allies (Al Jazeera)

Local News:
3 police officers shot in downtown Seattle (The Seattle Times)
City of Federal Way under fire in class action lawsuit for ‘illegal’ school zone (Federal Way Mirror)

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