2017-04-28: Trump vs South Korea, Drunks vs Police Robots, UK Elections

April 28, 2017 – We are in Matsumoto, Japan, to discuss Tump threatening to make South Korea pay for THAAD and threatening to stop the trade agreement with them, crime-fighting robots being knocked over by drunks, and the motivations behind the UK elections! David gets belligerent about software economics, we lose a guest during the break, and we make drunk promises to make the next WND recording a pizza party! We drink Kirin’s Prime Beer, Kirin Lager Beer, and Suntory Old Whiskey. We have no idea what we’re talking about… we’re just here for the booze!

World News:
Trump tough on South Korea- Threatens to terminate free trade deal, wants payment for THAAD missile defense system (CNBC)
Seoul rejects Trump demand, won’t pay for missile system (GMA Network)
A drunk man was arrested for knocking over Silicon Valley’s crime-fighting robot (The Verge)

Local News:
Microsoft’s profit climbs 28 percent with shift to web-based software (The Seattle Times)

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